Monday, October 11, 2010

Monkey See...Monkey Do

Picture From:  Diablo CrossFit Kids
 Why are rainforests important?

The plants of the rainforests provide a large part of the earth's oxygen supply, breaking down carbon dioxide to do so. Destruction of rainforests could mean increased global climate change and worsening pollution. Destruction of rainforests has already disrupted normal rain patterns in some places, such as sub-Saharan Africa, resulting in drought and famine.

CrossFit Teens
3 x 100 M Sprint
2:00 rest between

 CrossFit Kids
3 x 50 M Spring
1:30 rest between
Brain Teaser Of the Day:
You are driving a bus. Four people get on, three people get off, then eight people get on and ten people get off, then 6 people get on and 2 more people get off. What color were the bus driver's eyes?